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We want to create a media training programme just for you.


For an initial enquiry, please get in touch at TailoredMediaTraining@gmail.comWe'll then request some more information before making a start on your personalised media training programme. 

Nous voulons créer un programme de formation en media training rien que pour vous.


Pour une première demande, nous vous demandons de nous contacter par mail directement à Nous vous enverrons ensuite une demande d'informations supplémentaires avant de commencer votre programme en media training sur mesure.

TMT's media trainers.

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Nia Cason (PhD)

Nia Cason is an expert in verbal and non-verbal communication, with both research and practical experience. As well as a media coach for clients such as France Mines-Telecom and OpenClassrooms, onsite at universities and in the studio, she is a radio broadcaster and science journalist. Her media and communication training is centred on the construction and delivery of clear and persuasive narratives to a range of audiences, and she has also created a dedicated media training programme for scientists and researchers. 


Matej Hofmann

Matej Hofmann is a freelance media trainer with academic expertise in teaching acting at the Conservatoire de Pantin and field expertise in acting, especially recorded voice and onscreen. Since training at the Higher School of Acting and Drama (ESAD) and joining the National Theatre ensemble in Paris, he has been working in cinema, voice acting, commercials, trainings, and workshops. His media and communication training is centred on understanding and bridging gaps between you and your audience.

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